Teaching Interests

My teaching interests are primarily in financial topics and data analytics. Based on my prior experience and research interests, I believe teaching financial accounting or data analytics courses would best allow me to integrate research and teaching; however, I believe I will be an effective instructor regardless of the topic and will be flexible with my teaching preferences to fit the department’s needs.

Teaching Experience

Course: Fundamental of Financial Accounting (ACC 311) at the University of Texas at Austin; Summer 2021 (virtual class of 23 students)


  • Instructor Rating: 4.6/5.0

  • Course Rating: 4.6/5.0

Select student feedback:

  • "Laura is a great teacher! I have never understood accounting as well before because she explains everything clearly, concisely and emphasizes key points that aid my learning."

  • "Professor Kettell definitely helped me understand the material during class and office hours. She made sure everyone understood the slide before continuing and I liked her way of teaching"

  • "This was my first accounting course, and I thought it was taught very well. Professor Kettell did a wonderful job, though in the beginning it was daunting. I love the small videos regarding real world scenarios and topics that are included within the lecture materials."

  • "Professor Kettell provided a very interesting and challenging course. As a non-business major, I feel that I was able to get a solid overview of corporate accounting. The course was rigorous, and Professor Kettell had high expectations, but that only pushed me to work harder. I enjoyed this course, and feel it was a very worthwhile experience."


I was the instructor for the Accounting Bootcamp at the University of Texas at Austin; Summer 2021/2022 (in-person class of ~50 students)

  • This is a one day intensive course that focuses on financial accounting topics and prepares students to enter the Masters of Professional Accounting program.​

TA Experience


  • Financial Accounting Standards and Analysis II ​(Professor John McInnis); The University of Texas at Austin; 2019-Present

  • Financial Accounting Concepts and Research (Professor Sara Toynbee); The University of Texas at Austin; 2018

  • Auditing (Professor Amal Shehata); New York University; 2016

  • Principles of Financial Accounting (Professor Xiaojing Meng); New York University; 2016

  • Principles of Financial Accounting (Professor Pepa Kraft); New York University; 2015

Teaching Philosophy

My goal as an accounting instructor is three-fold. First, I hope to help my students develop a “real world” skillset. For example, I will show my students how to look-up accounting standards in the FASB codification, interpret the language, and apply the information to abstract cases. I will also weave in data analytics demonstrations to familiarize students with summarizing and visualizing big datasets. Second, I plan to instill in my students the importance of professional integrity. Financial statement users rely on the information accountants create and audit to make investment decisions, and I want my students to take that responsibility seriously. Finally, I hope to create a safe classroom environment where students of all backgrounds feel comfortable participating in group projects, asking questions during class, and sharing opinions during case discussions.